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APNIC Open Policy Meeting


Tuesday 27 February 2001, Putra World Trade Centre, Kuala Lumpur

    Meeting commenced:  2:00 pm

    Chair: Jun Murai


  1. IPv6 education and deployment effort in Japan - Takashi Arano, NTT Communications
  2. This presentation provided an overview of IPv6 related activities in Japan, including the Global IPv6 Summit, IPv6 Journal, and IPv6 Operational Issue Study Group.

    Questions and discussion

    It was noted that a full publication of the Global IPv6 Summit will become available in mid-March at www.soi.wide.ad.jp

  3. IPv6 activities in Malaysia - K.Ettikan, Multimedia University
  4. [Presentation (pdf)]

    This presentation summarised IPv6 activities in Malaysia, in particular, it outlined the status of the IPv6-MY Working Group.

    Questions and discussion

    No questions or discussions.

  5. APNIC IPv6 status report - Son Tran, APNIC
  6. [Presentation (ppt)]

    This presentation gave a summary of theIPv6 allocations made by APNIC, including comparative data from the other RIRs.

    Questions and discussion

    It was explained that the consideration of changing the allocation size from /35 to /29 is in response to ISP comments that a /35 does not allow enough space for building a hierarchy for the long term.
    A representative from ARIN explained that the ARIN community is expecting that the /48 assignment criteria will be accepted at the next ARIN meeting.

  7. IPv6 activities in Japan - Kazu Yamamoto, IIJ Research Laboratory
  8. [Presentation (pdf)]

    This presentation provided an overview of IPv6 operational activities in Japan, including services and products. The presentation also provided a summary of the status of the KAME Project, the USAGI Project, and MIP6.

    Questions and discussion

    It was noted that the Japanese government has been funding much IPv6 research and development. The test bed that has been developed is attracting interest from several manufacturers and developers.

  9. Site' definition problem of IPv6 address allocation - Tomohiro Fujisaki, JPNIC
  10. [Presentation (ppt)]

    This presentation outlined the need to improve the definition of "site" in the joint RIR IPv6 policy document.

    Questions and discussion

    It was explained that new draft of the IAB/IESG recommendations does include recommendations relating to specific customer types and that the ARIN policy recommendations are based on the new draft.

    There was a general discussion of the assignment of multiple /48s for very large sites.

    There was a request for this APNIC SIG to clarify whether the new IAB/IESG is also approved by the consensus of the group, as it was the previous draft that was discussed at the Brisbane meeting. It was suggested that this matter could be taken further on the sig-ipv6 mailing list.

    There was a discussion about the use of the IPv6 mailing lists. The consensus of the group was that the mailing list should be used for broad discussions about technical policy issues as well as operational updates.

    Meeting closed: 3:25pm

    Minuted by: Gerard Ross

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