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APNIC Open Policy Meeting

Executive Council Nominee

  Prof. Qian Hualin  



Qian Hualin


Computer Network Information Center,Chinese Academy of Science

 Job Title

Deputy Director





China Internet Network Information Center




Zhang Wenhui








Prof. Qian has over 30 years experience in the computing industry and has been responsible for many of the major technology projects in China. He has made important contribution in bringing the Internet to China since 1989 and finished the first Internet full function connection for China in 1994. In the same year, he finished the construction and operation of Top Level Domain of China. He involved in many APNIC activities in early days of APNIC, including co-organizing APNIC seminars and meetings in Beijing since 1995.

He was the person applying the first class B IP address for the first large Internet project NCFC in China. He was responsible for designing and manufacturing the earliest PC-FAX system (Data/Fax/Voice hardware and software system) in China 1986 and developed the first X.25 network in China 1984. He currently serves as deputy director at CNNIC Steering Committee, chair of APTLD, chair of CDNC, and deputy director at the Computer Network Information Center, Chinese Academy of Sciences. Previously he served as head of the networking division at the Institute of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, which is the cradle of computing technology in China. And he also served as deputy chief engineer at the Legend Group Corporation, which is the largest Computer Company in China.

He is a distinguished professor and currently serves as guest professor at People's University of China. He is supervising master degree and doctoral students and published more than 60 papers and books. He has also been a visiting scholar at Georgia Institute of Technology in the United States.


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