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APNIC Open Policy Meeting

Executive Council Nominee

  Dr. Byung-Kyu Kim  



Byung-Kyu Kim


Korea Network Information Center

 Job Title






Korea Network Information Center




Kwan Ho Song








ByungKyu Kim has been worked for a director of Department of Address Management in KRNIC since Oct. 1999. Even though he has been stayed not for a long time in KRNIC, he has a lot of experiences both in domain name and in IP address since late in 1980's.

Before he joined KRNIC he was an Experimental High Energy physicist who were in charge of making and testing various electronic boards such kind of ATM boards and in charge of data transferring and network connection by using internet. As soon as he joined KRNIC on 1999, he organized APRICOT'2000 in Seoul as the central secreatriat and he made a very successful conference and he has started involving many IT related international affairs in AP region. He has been actively worked for not only AP organizations but also international organizations, i.e, APRICOT, APTLD, ICANN, ccTLD, MINC and JET, etc.

Recently he is in charge of AP* Outreach Program and organized APNIC/APTLD Joint Outreach Program. And also he is working as the chair of APRICOT2001 fellowship program. With his experiences both in KRNIC and in international affairs, I believe he will work well and contribute for all APNIC members as an EC member, if he is selected.


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